2019 Award Winners

The Lakefront Festival of Art 2019 Award Winners (in no particular order):

Carol Snyder

Brian Beam

Taylor Mazer

Constance Collins

Susan Hill

Patty Roberts

Susan Mahlstedt

Steven Radtke

Katie Musolff

Thomas Dumke

2019 Honorable Mentions

The Lakefront Festival of Art 2019 Honorable Mention Winners (in no particular order):

Aaron Macsai

Alison Antelman

Steven Harmston

Steve Wewerka

Mary Fischer

Aletha Jones

Rebecca Korth

Luke Proctor

Joel Hunnicutt

2019 Sculpture Garden Award Winner

C.T. Whitehouse

“High quality of fellow exhibitors and diversity of media / work.” -LFOA Artist,
“I liked being under a tent, having close parking, fenced in with security and next to a incredible museum!” -LFOA Artist,
“So easy for customers to see everything and the quality of all ORIGINAL artwork was exceptional.” -LFOA Artist,
“The easy going of everything. The fabulous big white tents that protect art and artists from cold or heat. The chance to get inspired and see an amazing modern art exhibition in the museum while making a show.” -LFOA Artist,
“The setting is spectacular, and the tent is the best in the industry. all staff is very nice to deal with.” -LFOA Artist,
“Great group of works, artists, volunteers and beautiful setting.” -LFOA Artist,