In 2016, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Friends of Art launched the Under the Wings program within Lakefront Festival of Art. Four local students from various universities were exposed to the numerous ways to pursue their art as a career, and as an emerging artist, learned firsthand what it takes to participate in an art festival. Continuing the successful Under the Wings program, it is our goal to educate this second class of artists in 2018-19, currently enrolled in various Wisconsin colleges or universities.
The Under the Wings program focuses on business education and hands-on experience over the course of two consecutive years. Each accepted individual was recommended by an art educator who shares our same desire to recognize and connect with the next generation of artists here in Wisconsin who aspire to develop their careers within fine art venues.

You can find their work on display at this year’s festival!

Meet the 2018-19 Participants:

Danielle Attoe
Jewelry, Graduate, UW-Milwaukee

“My recent work focuses on fabricating hollow trellis shapes and using them to create unique jewelry pieces. I am inspired by geometric forms and the art nouveau movement.”

Nick Drain
Photography, Junior, MIAD

“I use photography as a medium to make sense of my own identity. In the practice of making images I am trying to explain who I am, both to the rest of the world— but also to myself. I am attempting to communicate my personal perspective by capturing my literal one; creating tangible objects that give insight to who I am.”

Nick Drain will not be exhibiting at the 2019 festival as he has been accepted to the Yale University Norfolk School of Art Summer Program. We wish Nick the best on this exciting endeavor!


Ashley Prosken
Mixed Media, Senior, Carroll University

“What encourages me to create art is my passion with the human figure. Figurative art is a subject that can be universally understood to an audience and be created in many medias. I find it important as an artist to try and understand other forms of art, especially ones out of your comfort zone.”

Isabelle Seifert
Painting, Senior, Alverno College

“I have been a practicing painter, sculptor and comic artist for years, and have recently begun studying design elements and concepts. My current art is inspired by the curiosities of my own life, as well as those around me. Portraiture using oil and acrylic paint is my favorite way of capturing the emotions and stories of my subjects.


“High quality of fellow exhibitors and diversity of media / work.” -LFOA Artist,
“I liked being under a tent, having close parking, fenced in with security and next to a incredible museum!” -LFOA Artist,
“So easy for customers to see everything and the quality of all ORIGINAL artwork was exceptional.” -LFOA Artist,
“The easy going of everything. The fabulous big white tents that protect art and artists from cold or heat. The chance to get inspired and see an amazing modern art exhibition in the museum while making a show.” -LFOA Artist,
“The setting is spectacular, and the tent is the best in the industry. all staff is very nice to deal with.” -LFOA Artist,
“Great group of works, artists, volunteers and beautiful setting.” -LFOA Artist,