“These students and recent grads learned about the business of being an artist as part of the Under the Wings mentorship program. You can find their work on display at this year’s festival.” – Guy Fiorita of M Magazine

You can find their work on display at this year’s festival!

“I’m not in any studio art classes at the moment. Instead, I’m taking an upper-level graphic design course, finishing up my biology minor with a human physiology course, and preparing for my study abroad tript o Japan. This year I will be showing mixed-media pieces that I have done over the past two years. I am hoping to gain experience in interfacing with potential customers and to get a feel for the festival to see if this is something I might be interested in doing as a career.” —Saraina Adam, mixed media 2-D, Carroll University.
“I am a junior and will be graduating with a degree in fine arts. The main lesson I learned last year was how much time, effort and patience an artist needs to show their work. Trying to figure out the design of their display, pricing the artwork, how much work to bring—kit all takes time. This year I will be bringing works I have been doing on fictional acrylic galaxies. I enjoy bright, brilliant colors, and space is my favorite subject, along with the supernatural.” —Courtney Lehmann, drawing, Mount Mary University.


“I graduated in December. I’m currently looking for a position in either marketing, graphic design or advertising. The most valuable lesson I learned last year is to create the art that you want to make and the sales will come. If I only cater to a certain audience, my approach will not be as genuine and the quality in my pieces will be lacking. I will be showing my photorealistic drawings and prints of actors and musicians and a few new portraits. My hope is to achieve enough exposure so that my sales would make this profession a reality.” —Andrew Lehtinen, drawing, Marquette University graduate.
“I am working as an innovation design coordinator at the 707 Hub at Marquette University, an incubator space that furthers innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and in the community. At the festival, I will showcase a series of graphic design prints of plants and natural objects. I hope to gain a better understanding of what it takes to sell my art and how I can build a connection with the art community. I don’t know if I’ll be a full-time artist, but I now know that I can continue to participate in events like this and sell my work.” —Kaivahn Sarkaratpour, printmaking, UW-Milwaukee graduate.


“High quality of fellow exhibitors and diversity of media / work.” -LFOA Artist,
“I liked being under a tent, having close parking, fenced in with security and next to a incredible museum!” -LFOA Artist,
“So easy for customers to see everything and the quality of all ORIGINAL artwork was exceptional.” -LFOA Artist,
“The easy going of everything. The fabulous big white tents that protect art and artists from cold or heat. The chance to get inspired and see an amazing modern art exhibition in the museum while making a show.” -LFOA Artist,
“The setting is spectacular, and the tent is the best in the industry. all staff is very nice to deal with.” -LFOA Artist,
“Great group of works, artists, volunteers and beautiful setting.” -LFOA Artist,